[rear-users] dd error at end of backup process

John Holland johnbholland at icloud.com
Sun May 3 14:11:03 CEST 2020

I get the following in the log:

Total bytes written: 37990932480 (36GiB, 8.2MiB/s)
dd: closing output file '/tmp/rear.eJpBqxJANGOwZYG/outputfs/localhost/backup.tar.gz': Input/output error

++ Log 'ERROR: dd failed with return code 1 and below output:
  dd: closing output file '\''/tmp/rear.eJpBqxJANGOwZYG/outputfs/localhost/backup.tar.gz'\'': Input/output error

dd is writing to a file on a SMB share.

the file is there on the destination machine, with plenty of free space, but it is corrupt:

gzip -d backup.tar.gz
gzip: data stream error
gzip: backup.tar.gz: uncompress failed

This is using REAR 2.5 on Fedora 32.

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