[rear-users] Equivalent BACKUP variable for ISO_PREFIX

Paul Das spectre.vs.rector at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 17:22:09 CET 2019

Hello All


I use ISO_PREFIX="`date +%Y-%m-%d`-rearBMR-$HOSTNAME" and that works just
fine for my ISO naming convention, allowing me to have a few ISOs uniquely
named in the same path (OUTPUT_URL).


My question is - is there an equivalent for the backup set ? - i.e. such
that backup.tar.gz could have a similar prefix and hence also have a few
uniquely named copies in the same path (BACKUP_URL)


I scanned the man page and the /usr/share/rear/conf/default.conf file for
clues but didn't see anything obvious.


I'm hoping to have a few copies of ISOs and corresponding backup sets such
that the booted ISO would correctly pick up the corresponding backup set.. I
could rename them post backup of course but I'm thinking that the
corresponding ISO would not know how to retrieve and would look for the
default backup.tar.gz


Thanks in advance



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