[rear-users] ReaR on virtualbox being killed while downloading "backup.tar.gz"

Marcelo Garcia Marcelo.Garcia at EMEA.NEC.COM
Tue Apr 30 16:49:10 CEST 2019


Is it possible to try the restore with just one network? I'm using a test environment, and I don't have all networks available for the test. 

I remember seeing something about a "/etc/rear(?)/mapping/mac" file to map the interfaces from the production system to the "recovery" system. Is there a place with more information about this file?

This text from Suse seems to be very honest (among other parts):
' Words like "just", "simple", "easy" are inappropriate for disaster recovery.'

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On Apr 30 14:22 Marcelo Garcia wrote (excerpt):
> how to test the recover on a different hardware?

provided the "different hardware" is fully compatible
all what is needed is that the "different hardware"
has the same network access as the original system
so that it works to mount the NFS share with the backup
in the ReaR recovery system on the "different hardware".

In general you may also have a look at

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