[rear-users] rear with Borg on USB

Sascha Marcel Hacker smhrambo at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 7 03:07:40 CET 2018

 But if you set up borg, you have to set the borg repo host.
It does not saves the backup on the USB device,it only saves the
environment for rear.


Nice software, quite good for big envirments with many PCs.
I thinks its also nice for little home PC envirments to backup all data.
But in my case my home server is the biggst server in the house and its
manage all my DHCP and DNS settings. (i know not the best solution but very
simple to manage and it save much energy)
If this one is down, i hove no ssh server to recover this maschine.
The only way is to setup a new standalone backup server or every time setup
one pc as server wenn the mainserver is down.
An the other hand the home server is also a backupserver for the windows
maschine with AD and roaming profiles.

2018-02-05 16:13 GMT+01:00 Robert Owens <rowens at fdrinnovation.com>:

> In local.conf you can specify OUTPUT=USB (the default is OUTPUT=ISO).
> You might also want to check out backuppc.  Although it doesn't have
> support yet in ReaR, it only requires an ssh server and rsync (or tar) in
> order to do a restore.  It does file pooling, which is similar to the
> deduplication that borg does, but it does it on entire files rather than
> chunks.
> On 2/4/2018 11:15 PM, Sascha Marcel Hacker wrote:
>> Hi, im am new at rear and also borg.
>> I've been looking for a while now to find a good backup solution for my
>> home storage server.
>> It is a 5x2TB Raid system with ubuntu, with all of my dokuments, musik
>> and family pictures I want to use it on.
>> A backup solution with dedub, incremental, compression and with no down
>> time is what i need.
>> My previous backup soulution was a hotswap hdd for the system and a
>> external hdd for the pictures and documents, all with tar and gzip.
>> But now i am looking for a new solution, something like acronis backup.
>> I compared many backup programs like rsync, zbackup, bacula, ... and all
>> this has brought me to borg.
>> The only thing thats missing is a disaster solution, because I like to
>> tinker with the system.
>> So i bought a new external 8tb hdd to safe the whole system on.
>> In another forum i heard of rear and the option to choose borg as the
>> backup backend.
>> But for now i only found an example config with a network server. Is
>> there any way to setup rear to use it with usb?
>> Sascha
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