[rear-users] rear with Borg on USB

Vladimir Gozora rear at gozora.sk
Mon Feb 5 16:02:16 CET 2018


Unfortunately Borg backup can be currently used only with combination 
with ssh server.
I was thinking about USB implementation once there is a demand for it.
Will start working on this new feature, but I can't tell you exact time 
estimation. I will try to make it until ReaR 2.4 release but no promises.

Best regards


On Mon, 5 Feb 2018, Sascha Marcel Hacker wrote:

> Hi, im am new at rear and also borg.
> I've been looking for a while now to find a good backup solution for my
> home storage server.
> It is a 5x2TB Raid system with ubuntu, with all of my dokuments, musik
> and family pictures I want to use it on.
> A backup solution with dedub, incremental, compression and with no down
> time is what i need.
> My previous backup soulution was a hotswap hdd for the system and a
> external hdd for the pictures and documents, all with tar and gzip.
> But now i am looking for a new solution, something like acronis backup.
> I compared many backup programs like rsync, zbackup, bacula, ... and all
> this has brought me to borg.
> The only thing thats missing is a disaster solution, because I like to
> tinker with the system.
> So i bought a new external 8tb hdd to safe the whole system on.
> In another forum i heard of rear and the option to choose borg as the
> backup backend.
> But for now i only found an example config with a network server. Is
> there any way to setup rear to use it with usb?
> Sascha

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