[rear-users] example configs

Stephen Berg (Code 7309) stephen.berg at nrlssc.navy.mil
Fri Dec 14 13:15:18 CET 2018

I'm very new to rear and need a tip.  Looking to backup a Dell Poweredge 
R610, it's got two disks in a RAID1 on the SAS 6/ir controller.  I can 
build and boot a USB stick when a restore is needed, and I have either 
NFS shares or a networker backup for where to read/write the backup.  
The goal is to replace and reconfigure the harddisks and then to a bare 
metal recovery of the system.

Is there a resource for example configs that I can search through to 
find just the right config file magic?

Stephen Berg, IT Specialist, Oceanography Division, Code 7309
Naval Research Laboratory
W:   (228) 688-5738
DSN: (312) 823-5738
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