[rear-users] Issue with moving backup data

Jason Hurd jasonhurd at lauckemills.com.au
Thu May 18 03:33:54 CEST 2017

I am testing a few different recovery methods with rear and run into an
issue. I have created an incremental backup tar and recovery iso and stored
them on a NAS via cifs. I have performed a successful automatic recovery as
per normal, in which, the rescue media grabs the tar files from the NAS. I
have run into issue when attempting to do an offline restore by way of
copying the tar files to a USB stick then changing the local.conf file on
the rescue media to point to the mounted USB. This results in the recover
process changing in a way that the backup file it is looking for changes
from an incremental dated file (i.e. 2017-05-18-1000.tar.gz) to a
stand-alone file (backup.tar.gz) seemingly breaking the ability to recover
from incremental files. Even if the full tar backup is copied to
backup.tar.gz the restore doesn't seem to complete without complications.


Could anyone point me in the right direction to make this offline method
function properly? Or is this a bug that requires further involvement.


Thank you all in advance.


  Jason Hurd

  Electrical Supervisor



1519 Sturt Hwy, Daveyston, South Australia

Phone: 08 8562 9141     Mobile: 0419 827 431

Email:  <mailto:jasonhurd at lauckemills.com.au> jasonhurd at lauckemills.com.au

            <http://www.lauckemills.com.au/> www.lauckemills.com.au


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