[rear-users] Rear & Genkernel (Gentoo)

White, Phil whitepj at manx.biz
Tue Mar 7 12:40:32 CET 2017


I'm not sure if this needs submitting as a bug, or if I just need a little
help in configuring...

I have a new install of Gentoo. I use genkernel to create my kernel and
The resulting /boot directory gives:

My chost is i686-pc-linux-gnu.

Now, I also have installed rear (relax-and-recover) v2, from git.

Problem: rear is looking for a kernel, and it expects it to be named:
Since the name doesn't match, it bails out with an error. (This only fails
with my i686 machine. Running the same configuration on a 64-bit machine
works fine)

Question: How am I going to fix this? I don't want to hard code anything in
the config file, as this will break when I update the kernel... Is this a

Thanks in advance,

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