[rear-users] Configuration problem?

rear at tamco.co.uk rear at tamco.co.uk
Thu Jun 29 12:19:11 CEST 2017

Dear All,

I wouldn?t normally post an issue such as this to a mailing list, I?d  
go and read a support forum in detail (not that I can find one), but  
it was ?suggested? to me, when  I asked, that I should subscribe to  
the mailing list (done), and that it would then be ok to post here.

I think Rear _might_ be an excellent program? I can only say might at  
this stage, as I haven?t been able to get it to work.

As this is a mailing list I?ll post only a very brief summary (I have  
much more detail, of course).

I have a regular brand-new PC which I?m using as a simple server.

It has three SATA devices:
SATA-0 250GB SSD formatted XFS
SATA-1 6TB regular HD with one XFS primary partition, auto-mounted as /big
SATA-2 regular DVDwriter

It has Centos 7 installed, fully updated and rock solid reliable. Rear  
v1.17.2 installed plus dependents, no problem.


mkrescue ? works fine, makes ISO file, burned to CD, PC boots from it  
just fine.

/etc/rear/local.conf then edited to become:

Plug in scratch 250GB external USB HD, formatted via rear format /dev/sdc1

mkbackuponly ? works fine, lights flash, files written etc.

Now to test it! Following my instinct, I unplug the big HD (it has  
1GB+ of stuff on it I really, really don?t want to lose). Then, remove  
SATA-0 SSD, plug in spare blank 256GB SSD (to simulate the effect of  
failed/trashed boot disk).

Boot recovery CD, run rear recover, accept warning that sda has  
changed size (i.e select new sda), [puzzled by warning that sda  
partitions have to be shrunk, when ?new? sda is marginally larger than  
previous? whatever!], leave all other drive mappings unchanged.  
Recovery appears to complete just fine, checked after completion and  
all files seem to have been recovered. Looking good!

Except, the system is now unbootable. No amount of selecting  
alternatives and/or BIOS/EFI tinkering can find a bootable disk.

Finally, after several retries with variations on drive remapping etc  
etc ? and against my better judgement ? I test it with the /big drive  
connected. Same outcome, everything seems to work fine but the system  
still remains stubbornly unbootable? and then I find, most  
frustratingly, that /big has been ?reformatted? by Rear?s recovery  
process and all the stuff I didn?t want to lose has gone. Grrr!

Idiot user problem, obviously? so apologies for wasting your time.  
But, if anyone does have a spare minute or two, any hints about what  
the cause might be would be appreciated. I can afford to do more  
aggressive tinkering now (as in, now that I?ve trashed the  
half-million files I didn?t want to trash I haven?t anything further  
to lose!)

As I said, it _might_ be a great program?but right now I?m mighty  
frustrated by my inability to coax it into line. I?m writing a Rear  
user guide as I go, but unless I can understand where it?s all gone  
pear-shaped the neither it nor me is going to get very far!

Thank you for reading, assuming you got this far.

Kind regards,


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