[rear-users] Unable to find kernel!

White, Phil whitepj at manx.biz
Mon Feb 20 22:29:56 CET 2017

Hi All,

I am just beginning to get to know ReaR - and learning to configure it
effectively, so I apologise if I come back in a week or two with some basic
questions... However, i have a major issue at the moment that I can't get
my head around.

I have installed it on two separate systems (from Git). Both are
(effectively) the same distro (Gentoo), and use the same config file. One
works, the other doesn't!

On the one I have a problem with, I get the error:
$ rear -v mkrescue
<... snip ...>
Copying files and directories
Copying binaries and libraries
Copying kernel modules
ERROR: Could not find Gentoo kernel

/boot is mounted. System boots up just fine (with Grub2) so I know the
kernel is there.
Question: WHY is this happening?
I think, looking at the config examples, that I could explicitly state what
kernel to use - but as far as I can see, this should not be necessary - and
this is bugging me!

Config file as follows:

The end of the log-file is:
<... snip ...>
2017-02-18 00:54:24 Including build/default/990_update_os_conf.sh
2017-02-18 00:54:24 Finished running 'build' stage in 83 seconds
2017-02-18 00:54:24 Running 'pack' stage
2017-02-18 00:54:24 Including pack/Linux-i386/300_copy_kernel.sh
2017-02-18 00:54:24 ERROR: Could not find Gentoo kernel
==== Stack trace ====
Trace 0: /usr/sbin/rear:504 main
Trace 1: /usr/share/rear/lib/mkrescue-workflow.sh:20 WORKFLOW_mkrescue
Trace 2: /usr/share/rear/lib/framework-functions.sh:85 SourceStage
Trace 3: /usr/share/rear/lib/framework-functions.sh:45 Source
Trace 4: /usr/share/rear/pack/Linux-i386/300_copy_kernel.sh:46 source
Message: Could not find Gentoo kernel
== End stack trace ==

Pointers as to what I have done wrong would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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