[rear-users] Question: Can one put the spot on the RBME-Option?

Ralph Gottschalkson Ralph.Gottschalkson at rathaus.potsdam.de
Mon Jul 11 12:05:59 CEST 2016

Dear Readers, Hi Schlomo & GD ;-)

I'm asking this question because I'm about implementing (read trying!) such a system with RBME.
And after I'm ready with that I will show the solution here in the list and - better - put it to
the ReaR docu. 
But there is not so much to read in the docs. Also not in the docs of RBME.


# A magic value of 'latest' will automatically use the latest backup

and some Lines for NFSv3...

By solving this we can give a lot better answers to all the questions here in this list. 
* Versioning
* keeping more than 2 Copies (ESAY done!)
* managing backup-space
* rysnc at all
* Updating this Idea for me: GERMAN https://www.heinlein-support.de/howto/backups-und-snapshots-von-linux-servern-mit-rsync-und-ssh 

How must the target backup-space provider be provisioned? I need lot of space and acl's .
What protocol to use by backing up the client with ReaR rsync , rsync with ssh, sshfs, NFS, or cifs ?
And the same question for recovering.

Can one show us (or me) the key lines to get this to work?

Thanks & Merci 


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