[rear-users] FUSE sshfs Problem while recovering a Centos7 System

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Thu Jul 7 16:03:35 CEST 2016

Hello Gratien,

On Jul 7 16:55 Gratien D'haese wrote (excerpt):
> Indeed I just tested it myself and the fuse module
> was not automatically loaded.
>>> On Jul 7 11:48 Ralph Gottschalkson wrote (excerpt):
>>>> but in the section "MODULES_LOAD" is fuse.
>>>> When I type "modprobe fuse " an then do a "rear recover"
>>>> it works flawlessly .. hm?

I think I vaguely remember that some time ago
I also had an inexplicable issue while
playing around with "MODULES_LOAD".

I think at that time it also happened to me that
modules in "MODULES_LOAD" were not loaded.

I only remember that "MODULES_LOAD" did not
behave for me as I would have expected it,
namely something straightforward like
for module in "${MODULES_LOAD[@]}" ; do
     modprobe $module

But because I had no actual issues with kernel modules
I did not further analyze/investigate the root cause.

Kind Regards
Johannes Meixner
SUSE LINUX GmbH - GF: Felix Imendoerffer, Jane Smithard,
Graham Norton - HRB 21284 (AG Nuernberg)

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