[rear-users] Partition number '' of partition is not a valid number in ReaR 1.17.1

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Tue Sep 15 17:33:02 CEST 2015


interesting, but if you could save the log file of 'rear -vD
savelayout' then we have a complete view of the cycle. I have the
impression that during the savelayout something goes wrong. Anyhow,
perhaps it is easier for you and me to create a new issue tracker at
github. Is much easier for me to track and reference bugs later on (if
any of course). 


On Mon, 14 Sep 2015 18:42:35 +0200,
Ignasi Vila Tudela  wrote:  

Hi there,  

I'm trying to create a rescue
system for an IBM QRadar Security SIEM appliance. The configuration for
this type of systems is complicated, however, after a look at the
documentation and related issues on github I don't see why this should
not work.  

The error I'm getting is the following:  

Partition number '' of partition is not a valid number. 
Partition is numbered ''. More than 128 partitions is not supported.

I've tried to debug a little bit the code, but cannot find where the
local variable $partitions is assigned.  

The partition table is the

[root at eseastmasv01306 ~]# parted -l 
Model: VMware Virtual
disk (scsi) 
Disk /dev/sda: 275GB 
Sector size (logical/physical):
Partition Table: gpt 

Number Start End Size File system Name
 1 1049kB 106MB 105MB ext4 /boot boot 
 2 106MB 211MB 105MB grub
 3 211MB 6653MB 6442MB ext3 /recovery 
 4 6653MB 15.0GB
8390MB linux-swap(v1) swap 
 5 15.0GB 25.8GB 10.7GB ext4 /var/log 
25.8GB 36.4GB 10.7GB ext4 /store/tmp 
 7 36.4GB 57.9GB 21.5GB ext4 / 
57.9GB 231GB 174GB xfs /store 
 9 231GB 275GB 43.4GB xfs

And the debug log of the recovery and the disklayout
is attached.  

Could someone easily spot the root error cause? 

Thanks guys,  



Gratien D'haese
IT3 Consultants bvba

Vennestraat 15, B-2560 Nijlen
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