[rear-users] A bit of documantation concerning rear on Ubuntu (VM)

Oliver Hoffmann oliver at g.dom.de
Wed Oct 21 17:38:52 CEST 2015

Hi Schlomo, all

you said you'd be happy about improving the documentation. I couldn't
find something like this. 

Installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Chose a directory
cd /opt/

Install all dependencies
aptitude install git mingetty gpart make fakeroot debhelper syslinux
ethtool portmap genisoimage iproute gawk attr

Clone rear
git clone https://github.com/rear/rear.git

Change to rear
cd rear/

Make a deb file
make deb

Change to its location
cd ..

Install it
dpkg -i rear_1.17.2-1_all.deb

Edit the configuration
nano /etc/rear/local.conf

In case NFS is used
aptitude install nfs-common

Do rear -v mkbackup for example.

This worked with a domU (Xen guest) as well!

Hope that helps.



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