[rear-users] WG: make rescue image without backup; backup excludes

Dieter.Michaelis at zivit.de Dieter.Michaelis at zivit.de
Wed Mar 25 16:55:36 CET 2015

Hello Schlomo,  hello Gratien,
i think a patch/script modification is not necessary.

It should be sufficient to add this exclude statement to the default.conf file:
COPY_AS_IS_EXCLUDE_NSR=( "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/logs/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/debug/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/index/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/lockbox/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/mm/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/repository/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/scripts/*" "$NSR_ROOT_DIR/utils/*")

I have tested it also on a Networker client system.
It works fine.
The exclude is detected and logged
2015-03-25 13:45:21 Files being excluded: dev/shm dev/.udev /var/lib/rear/output/rear-nsrclient.iso dev/shm/* /nsr/logs/* /nsr/debug/* /nsr/index/* /nsr/lockbox/* /nsr/mm/* /nsr/repository/* /nsr/scripts/* /nsr/utils/*
but does no harm, because the NSR server specific directories do not exist.
The ISO image is created and saved without error.

Kind regards,

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