[rear-users] make rescue image without backup; backup excludes

Dieter.Michaelis at zivit.de Dieter.Michaelis at zivit.de
Tue Mar 24 11:32:26 CET 2015

I have started  using rear 1.16.1 on SLES 11 and Legato Networker Client 8.0.

On some machines with very large file systems, rear -mkbackup fails because  /tmp is not big enogh for creating the rear backup files.
On some machines, also the manual Networker backup started by rear fails.
I  would prefer to create a rescue image (root partition + Networker client) only - the Networker recovery can be done later by the backup team.

How can I
-restrict the rear backup to create a rescue image only -exclude large file systems from the backup

I have tried
-rear mkrescue
-"EXCLUDE_BACKUP=('/bigfs/*')" in site.conf 
-"EXCLUDE_BACKUP_PRG=('/bigfs/*')" in site.conf 
-"EXCLUDE_MOUNTPOINTS=('/bigfs')" in site.conf 
But it does not work.
Rear always starts creating backup files in /tmp from all mounted filesystems and the disk runs full.
Any help would be appreciated!

Kind regards, Dieter

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