[rear-users] ReaR 1.16.1-1

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Fri Mar 20 17:48:22 CET 2015


On Mar 20 13:04 Shoemaker, Thomas wrote (excerpt):
> I am testing ReaR on SLES 11 3.

What rear version do you use?
What is the content of your /etc/rear/local.conf file?

> When I try to recover I receive an error regarding
> connecting to or mounting the NFS location.

What exact error message(s) do you get?

Only a guess:
Perhaps the following helps in /etc/rear/local.conf
# BACKUP_OPTIONS variable contains the NFS mount options
# and with 'mount -o nolock' no rpc.statd (plus rpcbind)
# are needed:

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