[rear-users] Relax-and-recover (rear-1.17) release candidate of 6-March-2015

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Mon Mar 9 14:04:55 CET 2015

Dear rear users, 

It is almost time to (finally) release a new
version of rear-1.17 - therefore, we have a release candidate available
(e.g. rear-1.16.1-151.git201503061713.el7.noarch.rpm) for you to perform
some tests before we actually make a final release of 1.17. No new
features will be added to rear-17! The download site of the release
candidate is:


As usual report bugs via github issues:

And, while you are busy do not
forget to take the rear poll at: 

rear-development team 

Gratien D'haese
IT3 Consultants
Vennestraat 15, B-2560 Nijlen
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