[rear-users] backup up to a local file

JB general at itpsg.com
Thu Jan 15 05:32:20 CET 2015

Backing up to a network share takes substantially more time.  /tmp isn't 
always big enough for such things.  I'd think it would be a simple 
matter to add the relevant file/directory to the exclude list 
automatically if it isn't already there.  However, I had already added 
it to the BACKUP_PROG_EXCLUDE.  I just patched it so that it won't do 
that check since I already know enough to ensure the backups storage 
location doesn't get backed up itself.  I found a thread archived from 
an earlier version with someone talking about this same issue and they 
were thinking the same thing.  There should be nothing wrong with this 
and it can be very useful.

I have a another question.  I'm slowly getting this working :)
mkrescue creates a nice bootable ISO and mkbackup creates a giant tgz 
file.  I'm after a single bootable ISO image that contains the backup 
and knows where to find it on the media during restore. Similar to how 
the USB backup works.   Given the configuration file below, what do I 
need to change to make that happen?  It isn't apparent from the docs.

thank you for any help you can provide!

> On 1/14/2015 16:24, Jeremy Laidman wrote:
>> I don't know that you're doing anything wrong as such, but I'm no 
>> expert in this.  I suspect a work-around is to make sure BACKUP_URL 
>> is not on the root filesystem, such has having /home on its own 
>> filesystem, or (assuming sufficient 
>> RAM) setting BACKUP_URL=file:///tmp/rear-localhost.iso, or having the 
>> target on a network-mounted filesystem.
>> This error message comes from 40_automatic_exclude_recreate.sh.  It 
>> think what it's trying to do is to avoid including the output ISO as 
>> part of the backup.
>> J
>> On 15 January 2015 at 00:19, JB <general at itpsg.com 
>> <mailto:general at itpsg.com>> wrote:
>>     I'm successfully using rear for USB backup and it's working
>>     really well!  I'm super happy with it.  So far it's simpler to
>>     setup and get working then Mondo which I'm coming from since it
>>     still has major issues on Fedora 20 and rear seems to be really
>>     distribution agnostic which is excellent, so thank you so much
>>     for the great software.
>>     However, I'm having problems making a backup of my system and
>>     storing it to a local file.  I need the backup to be manged as an
>>     ISO file and it will not necessarily always be written to DVD,
>>     but it might.  I keep getting this error:
>>     Relax-and-Recover 1.16.1 / Git
>>     Using log file: /var/log/rear/rear-localhost.log
>>     ERROR: Making backup on / is forbidden. Use an external device!
>>     Aborting due to an error, check /var/log/rear/rear-localhost.log
>>     for details
>>     Terminated
>>     Here is my /etc/rear/local.conf file:
>>     BACKUP_URL=file:///home/testuser/backups/rear-localhost.iso
>>     CDROM_SIZE=4482
>>     ISO_DIR=/home/testuser/backups/
>>     '/home/testuser/backups/' '/sys' '/root/.ssh/known_hosts'
>>     '/root/.ssh/known_hosts2' '/root/.ccache'
>>     '/home/testuser/.ccache' '/home/testuser/.ssh/known_hosts'
>>     '/home/testuser/.ssh/known_hosts2' '/dev' '/selinux'
>>     '/var/cache/ccache' 'var/cache/yum' '/usr/local/src'
>>     '/usr/share/doc' '/var/log/messages' '/var/log/maillog'
>>     '/var/log/Xorg.0.log' '/var/log/Xorg.0.log.old' '/var/log/secure'
>>     '/usr/src/kernels' '/sys' '/dev' '/proc' )
>>     What am I doing wrong here?
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