[rear-users] Recover From EMC Legato Networker

Blaxton blaxxton at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 23 00:33:51 CET 2015

I am testing the restore from tape backup using EMC Legato Networker.
I did add below line to /etc/rear/local.conf:BACKUP=NSR
And then did run:rear -v mkrescue

At the time of creating ISO image, noticed that / and /boot should be recovered:EMC Networker will recover these filesystems: / /boot

Booted up the server from ISO image and chose Recover and then rear recoverbut now it says can't find /boot/grub.
Why ?How come /boot is there but not /boot/grub ?
The other problem is ipv6.We have disabled ipv6 in our Linux servers, and there is no ipv6 ipaddress in /etc/hosts,and now EMC Legato networker is complaining that there is no ipv6 address for localhost in /etc/hostsbecause network interface having ipv6 address assigned.
How we can disable ipv6 in ISO image ?so when we boot from ISO, there would be no ipv6 address assigned to eth0.



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