[rear-users] LVs with stripes

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Thu Sep 25 07:33:34 CEST 2014

Hi Ivan, 

sounds like a missing feature in our "savelayout" section.
It might be better to create an issue for this and provide the debug
output of 'rear -vdD savelayout'? 

thanks, Gratien 

On Tue, 23 Sep
2014 15:17:36 +0000, "Aragones, Ivan"  wrote:  

Hello all, 

installing ReaR into a server using LVs with stripes, as the following

Server0:/var/lib/rear/layout # lvs -o +devices | grep

 LVSample1 VGTemp -wi-ao 60.00g

I see the layout generated ignores this configuration:

Server0:/var/lib/rear/layout # grep LVSample1 disklayout.conf 

/DEV/VGTEMP LVSAMPLE1 960 125829120 

fs /dev/mapper/VGTemp-LVSample1
/sample1 reiserfs uuid=1d1e43d4-968f-46b9-bb55-ad6b773ae93c label=

Server0:/var/lib/rear/layout # 

Am I
losing any parameter in the configuration files? 



Gratien D'haese
IT3 Consultants bvba 
Vennestraat 15, B-2560 Nijlen
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