[rear-users] Newbie: Selinux issues - kernel panic

Brian Ipsen brian.ipsen at ryesgade47c.dk
Wed Nov 19 15:44:59 CET 2014


 Probably a question, that has been seen before - but even though I've googled for more than an hour and truied to find a solution, my test recovery is still not running...

I have configured REAR to use TSM as backup system - and create a boot cd.

When booting on the CD, it looks like evrything regarding the restore of files goes OK.

Now, when booting after the restore, the kernel ends up in panic. I found out, that I can boot, if I add selinux=0 to the boot options - but this does not solve my issue with selinux...

There is a file named /.autorelabel on the recovery host - but aparently this does not trigger the relabeling process in selinux...

I'm trying on CentOS 6.6  ...

Any hints on where to troubleshoot or how to fix the issue ?


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