[rear-users] IA64 Compatibility and Config Parameters Questions

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Tue May 6 08:14:20 CEST 2014

On Thu, 1 May 2014 15:04:20 -0400, Chris Twombly  wrote:  
Hello all,

New user of rear and it has worked wonderfully for me so far. I have a
few questions though that I could not find - or it wasn't apparent to me
- via searching and reading the various documentation and configuration

1. In /usr/share/rear/conf/default.conf there is mention of
a parameter called ISO_MAX_SIZE but the comments don't explicitly state
the units of this parameter. Are the units here the same as the
multiplicative suffixes found in the dd command parameter "bs?" That is
to say the following (pulled from dd man page): 

c =1, w =2, b =512, kB
=1000, K =1024, MB =1000*1000, M =1024*1024, GB=1000*1000*1000, G
=1024*1024*1024, and so on for T, P, E, Z, Y. 

It is expressed in MB.  

2. How can I prevent a duplicate copy of the ISO when writing it to a
file location on the local hard disk? I configure the ISO to be written
to the default directory of /var/lib/rear/output/ and then have the
backup tar written to the ISO in the /backup directory. What I end up
with is a backup directory at /var/lib/rear/output that contains the ISO
image with tar backup integrated into it, plus an additional ISO image
(same size as the previously mentioned one) at /var/lib/rear/output/.
Here is what my /etc/rear/local.conf looks like: 




I tried adding the
ISO_DIR=/var/lib/rear/output to see if that would have any effect, but
that did nothing. I'm assuming I may need to tweak the rear script to
accomplish this, unless there are parameters that I overlooked.    

Drop the OUTPUT_URL definition as it is standard location within rear.
Only use this var to have an additional copy on a different

3. Is rear actually compatible with IA64
Itanium-based systems? This is my whole reason for exploring rear in the
first place. It works excellent on the x86 systems I've tested thus far.
I'm going to try to install it on an IA64 server I have and see if it
will work. I don't believe the bootable USB option will work because -
at least from what I've read and the presentation slides on rear - this
requires syslinux-extlinux, but syslinux is not IA64 compatible. I'd
like to write the ISO to local disk and then extract this ISO image to
an external hard disk for future disaster recovery imaging, if ever
needed. Any thoughts, comments, or experiences from those using rear
with IA64 would be appreciated.    

It is over a year I tested it on a
RHEL5/ia64 with BACKUP=NETFS and OUTPUT=ISO. The ISO way is the only one
supported. However, you will find in the /EFI sub dirs an entry of rear
as well which is handy test the boot process without the need to boot
from a slow ISO image.    

Thanks for the help in advance!  



Gratien D'haese
IT3 Consultants bvba 
Vennestraat 15, B-2560
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