[rear-users] Fwd: Additional info on rear recover issues

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Tue Jul 29 16:13:07 CEST 2014

On Mon, 07 Jul 2014 07:10:34 -0500, Pradeep Nambiar  wrote:  

 1. I
created the backup using the command rear -c /tmp mkbackup as I had my
local.conf in a different directory
 2. When trying to recover, it
expected to find the os.conf in the /tmp directory so I had issue rear
-c /tmp recover
 3. But when proceeding I get the following screen, it
puts me into the rear shell and asks to run rear recover within the
 4. But that resulted in the error as shown.


- Pradeep Nambiar

If you can reproduce this issue why don't you make an
issue of this problem at github page of rear? Otherwise, I'll loose
track of things mailed to me.... 

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