[rear-users] [Solved]: Recovery Error - Thanks Schlomo :)

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Wed Jul 16 17:33:38 CEST 2014

Hi Jim,

On 16 July 2014 17:19, Jim Carpenter (Pactera Technologies) <
v-jicarp at microsoft.com> wrote:

>  Hello Schlomo,
> As it turns out, I am a retard. The iso I created with the files needed to
> be mounted as iso9660, which is why I could not mount it. Once mounted, I
> manually created the destination directory and copied the backup file.
> Now it is just a matter of remapping the layout.
> ​​​​
​​Do you mean the disk layout? That should happen automatically if there
are no choices.

>  ​​​
>> Thank you for your help and yes, next time I will simply use the NFS URL.
Yes, ReaR will work best if used as intended.​

> ​​
> ​​
> Also, of the programs I have tested (Acronis, Bacula, Idera), ReaR has
> been my favorite,
> ​​
> as I am quite partial to open-source solutions. Anyway, does the ReaR team
> need any
> ​​
> help? I have not contributed to any open-source project yet, but I would
> like to help
> ​​
> with ReaR as much as I can.
>That is a very kind offer - Thank you!

>> Currently, we have 14 Linux production servers and are planning to
> purchase more in the future, so I would like to ensure Microsoft sticks
> with using ReaR as its backup & recovery solution.
>That would be very cool. We are trying to turn ReaR into a standard tool
and rely on distributors and system integrators to see the value of ReaR.

>> Thus, if I can help you guys in any way, it would be my pleasure, as it
> would help me learn as well.
>I think the biggest issue we have at the moment is documentation. Your
example shows very well that the ReaR homepage is not yet good enough so
that you would have managed your test setup without asking on the mailing

Therefore the best help would be to provide us a patch for the ReaR
homepage that adds missing documentation or hints where you would have
needed them to solve your problem.

https://github.com/rear/rear.github.com is the source of the ReaR homepage
and the easiest way to start is if you create yourself a Github account,
fork that repo, work on it and send us a pull request.

If you did not use Github before then you will find lots of tutorials on
the web.
are just some examples I found with 2 minutes searching.

>> Thanks again
> ​​
> Schlomo, much appreciated.
>Thank you for your feedback and offer to help.

Kind Regards,
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