[rear-users] Recovery Issue

Jim Carpenter (Pactera Technologies) v-jicarp at microsoft.com
Tue Jul 15 16:17:45 CEST 2014

Hello Everyone,

Recently I used ReaR to back up a system using ISO and an NFS mount as the BACKUP_URL.

The image is being installed into Hyper-V; however, during recovery ReaR cannot find the path to the backup.tar.gz because it no longer exists.

Is it possible to make get around this so ReaR can view this file?

I have tried the following:

-          Adding a disc to the Hyper-V VM with files, but VM does not see the disk

-          Created ISO with file and mounted it as DVD within VM, but Rear does not see the disk.

-          Attempted to mount the NFS partition from the Hyper-V server, but it cannot ping outside the VM.

I would really appreciate any assistance and/or direction to get this recovery operational. Any ideas?

Best Regards,
Jim Carpenter, MISM, MBA
Microsoft | OSG Cellular Networking Team | System Administrator I

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