[rear-users] Backup with http/https?

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Mon Jan 13 23:26:23 CET 2014

Hello Falk,

the files next to it and also
prove good starting points on what you can set.

The ReaR project does not contain any server-side code so far. Once I was
putting together some ideas for a rea-server (
http://www.slideshare.net/schlomo/rear-server-proposal-10), but so far
nobody wanted to have it :-(

However, I would kindly ask you to consider the following:

   - ReaR is really great at disaster recovery and engineered for that
   - ReaR supports some *simple* backup methods for those without any
   backup solution.
      - But they really don't scale well.
      - But they don't really do historization
      - But they don't support any fancy security measures - you will have
      to build that yourself
      - ...
   - HTTP will have one big downside, no matter what you do over it: You
   will always be using some kind of a "single large file has it all" schema
   where ReaR will just put a tar.gz via HTTP PUT.
   - Please consider using some "real" backup tool which is supported by
   ReaR. The result is better backups and automated DR. The following are all
   Open Source projects focussing on backup. They are all supported by ReaR.
      - RBME
      - BAREOS
   - Don't forget to include your SSL certs into the rescue media

Maybe we can help you more if you tell us the benefits you see in using
HTTP and why you can't consider an alternative. If this needs to remain
confidential then you can also write me off-list. Also, Dresden is not that
far away :-)


On 13 January 2014 19:54, Falk Höppner <rear at proficom.de> wrote:

> Dear list,
> we are considering to use ReaR for backup and recovery of a greater number
> of
> servers.
> For some reasons we would prefer to use http/https for this (e.g. to
> control
> the access to the backups and to re-use an existing enviroment).
> Therefore I have some Questions:
> Is there any documentation, examples or references that explain how to set
> up
> Backup/Restore with http(s)?
> Exists any http(s) server component for handling of backups on server-side?
> Do you plan to support WebDAV as transport-method or is there any reasons
> to not
> support it?
> Thanks for help.
> --
> Best Regards
> Falk Höppner
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