[rear-users] request for help to configure - backing up the entire system running Linux

Ananda Venkataraman ANANDA.VENKATARAMAN at cpa.state.tx.us
Sun Apr 27 14:51:00 CEST 2014


  I am trying to configure the ReaR.  My goal is to configure the Rear to backup the entire system running LinuxOS.  So I would like to backup and recover the "/", "/boot" directories to ISO output.  I would like to first place the iso locally.  At present I could get the ISO output placed locally.  However, my ISO output is about 30-40MB.  So I would like to request your help to configure the /etc/rear/local.conf with the an example of variables to be used in the local.conf for backing  up the entire system.  The "/" directory is about 3.0GB.  Thanks.


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