[rear-users] Manual Excludes

Gary Schiltz gary at cloudforestsystems.com
Fri Apr 11 01:23:48 CEST 2014

My first post here.  First, I want to think you guys for such a nice
piece of software.

I have read the user guide several times, but don't understand a few
things about the "manual exclude" lists described there. For the sake
of discussion, let's start with the assumption of default values for

In the EXCLUDE_BACKUP list it says "exclude components from being
backed up, recreation information is active." I generally understand
what not being backed means (e.g. it won't be included in the tar.gz
backup file), but what does "recreation information is active" mean?

The documentation for EXCLUDE_RECREATE and EXCLUDE_RESTORE seem to say
that whatever is in these lists will neither get backed up nor will it
be recreated (again I don't understand recreation).

Maybe a concrete example would help.

Also, I don't understand the syntax of the contents of these
variables. For example the first EXCLUDE_RECREATE example reads:

   EXCLUDE_RECREATE=( "${EXCLUDE_RECREATE[@]}" "fs:/media/backup" )

What does the [@] part refer to? Is it just a part of standard bash
syntax? (I admit I do need to brush up on my very basic and rusty
shell scripting skills).

In "fs:/media/backup" I assume "fs" stands for "file system".

The second example reads:

   EXCLUDE_RECREATE=( "${EXCLUDE_RECREATE[@]}" "/dev/backup" )

Why does the first example use "fs:" while the second is simply a raw path?

There is also mention of "pv:" (physical LVM volume?), "usb:" (USB
device). Is there a canonical list of these prefixes?

Sorry for the long-winded question, I have more where those came from :-)

Gary Schiltz

Mindo, Ecuador

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