[rear-users] recovery scenario

Tim.Einmahl at kba.de Tim.Einmahl at kba.de
Thu May 30 16:10:59 CEST 2013

Hello Jeroen,

as we use cobbler (redhat provisioning server) with pxe, the kernel command line was overriden by cobbler.
But now it works after configuration of cobbler.

COPY_AS_IS also works now, I think i had a typo in that, sorry.

There is just one problem left at the moment: I need to run the sed command with a few parameters
before recovering. There is the PRE_RECOVERY_SCRIPT option, but is it also possible to define a command + parameters
in rear that will be run instead of defining a script that then would have to exist on every server?


Best regards

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On 29 May 2013 16:14,  <Tim.Einmahl at kba.de> wrote:

> so far I was not able to set the ip address automatically though I tried several configurations.
> Assuming I would like to have, how is the exact line that has to be added to the local.conf?

KERNEL_CMDLINE="ip= nm=24"

That should work, although I didn't test it that way. My use case for
it boots in QEMU from kernel and initrd.

> Additionally, I have to copy a file from /usr/local/bin to the initrd, but to exactly the same path.
> Using REQUIRED_PROGS=... it get's copied, but to /bin in initrd.
> I also tried COPY_AS_IS=...

COPY_AS_IS should work for this. The problem might be that it's not in
your $PATH in the rescue system.

Otherwise, github issues with -D logfiles are needed to debug this...


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