[rear-users] RSYNC workflow questionaire

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Fri Feb 8 08:52:19 CET 2013

Dear Rear-users, 

I'm take the opportunity to ask you all to send me
your feedback around the BACKUP=RSYNC workflow.
We are currently trying to
tweak the BACKUP_URL and OUTPUT_URL methods so these work correctly for all
In the last couple of days we corrected the implementation of the
OUTPUT_URL=rsync://[user]@host/path syntax (which works well). 

and now it comes, the rules we defined a year or two ago are a bit
different for the BACKUP=RSYNC method.
Let me explain with some examples:

BACKUP_URL=gdhaese at system1:/test # is using SSH as rsync
protocol (keys exchanged with gdhaese on system1)
# is using SSH as rsync protocol (keys exchanged with root on
BACKUP_URL=rsync://system1/mytest # is using the RSYNC
BACKUP_URL=gdhaese at system1::mytest # is using the RSYNC
BACKUP_URL=rsync://gdhaese@system2:873/mytest # is using the RSYNC
protocol (RSYNC protocol listening to port 873)
BACKUP_URL=test2::mytest #
is using the RSYNC protocol 

The OUTPUT_URL syntax we support is the
OUTPUT_URL=rsync://[user]@host/path # using SSH as rsync

As you can see from above examples this is confusing and will
lead to mistakes, therefore, my request is who is using RSYNC workflow in
combination with Rear and how?
Please add your BACKUP_URL example(s) in our
issue-tracker special made for this

Of course, it is the
purpose to work out a combined solution for rear-1.15. My proposal would

BACKUP_URL=rsync://[user]@host/path # using the SSH as
rsync protocol
BACKUP_URL=rsync://[user]@host[:port]::path # using the
RSYNC protocol 

Looking forward to your comments [in issue #200] and/your
suggestions around RSYNC workflow. 

Thank you all and best regards, 

Gratien D'haese

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