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Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Tue Apr 9 15:46:56 CEST 2013

Rear takes care of the mounting of the cifs share during mkbackup and
recover mode. See docs. With cifs I would stick to using tar as backup_prog
as rsync (as backup_prog) and cifs don't work well together I'm afraid.

On Tue, 9 Apr 2013 13:06:46 +0000, "Lienhard, Frank"  wrote:    

that wasn't very clear from my side:  

I'm not the one who defined where
and how to store the backups. So I'm limited to use the windows storage,
which can only access via cifs. 

So the question is: Will the recover
Media from ReaR mount the cifs filesystem (aka use the original /etc/fstab)
or will that be done after the recover? 

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If you would like to use rsync as backup tool then
you better go for the BACKUP=RSYNC method and you do not need a samba share
at all. 

See the documentation (and man page) for more info. If that is
not clear at all, tell us about it and we try to update the docs where

On Tue, 9 Apr 2013 12:16:41 +0000, "Lienhard, Frank" 

Hi List, 

after using the rear „manually", I need some input of
how to setup a more sophisticated way to backup my system. 

What I have:

-a linux server to backup 

-a samba share as target for the backup
(yeah, I'm not happy of this, either. But not ma decision). 

I now use
rear mkbackup (BACKUP=NETFS) with the samba share as target (cifs-Option).
But this is kind of "dump" overwrite every time. 

We have no "standard"
Backup running. I'd like to run a cron job every night, which first checks,
if a a backup/recover is necessary, before actually doing it. 

Thought of
using rsync for the backup, but I'm not sure if that's possible with cifs?
It's possible to a mounted cifs share, but will the share be mounted when
running from the rescue-iso Image? 

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Gratien D'haese
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