[rear-users] mbr broken after recover

Lienhard, Frank Frank.Lienhard at neos-it.de
Mon Apr 8 14:07:51 CEST 2013

Hello List,

I just did a little testrun with CentOS 6 and rear (Versioni 1.14, which is delivered with centOS).  Everything runs just smooth, exept from the fact that it breaks the mbr and my system isn't bootable anymore. While this can be fixed by booting a live system and reinstall grub, I guss that's not the intented behavior.
I did it this way:
-Install centOS automaticly with a kickstart file
-do a backup of the system (rear -v mkbackup) to a cifs networkshare
-boot the system with a rescue live-cd and repartition and format the HDD (to simulate a new/other HDD)
-boot the system with the iso image the backup has generated
-running rear -v recover, which runs smoothly
-shutting down the machine, remove the CD, reboot
-->system hangs at "Verifying DMI pool data
-reinstalling grub from a live cd
->everysting works fine

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