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Wed Nov 21 15:52:56 CET 2012

the moment...

Make an issue (enhancement) request to improve the code
where possible.

I only follow the issue tracker as a reference - I'm
involved in several projects

and life is becoming too complex if I have to
use mail as well (to keep track of requests).

thanks, Gratien

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<pre>On Tue, 29 Jan 2013 10:03:20 +0100, Werner Flamme wrote:
&gt; Domin, Pavol [28.01.2013 17:33]:
&gt;&gt; Hi,
&gt;&gt; Sorry, I see now the same problem with the very new rear snapshot,=
 if I
&gt;&gt; use now
&gt;&gt; OUTPUT=3DPXE
&gt;&gt; BACKUP=3DDP
&gt;&gt; The resulting initrd, kernel, pxe menu and message should go to
&gt;&gt; OUTPUT_URL here as well, should it not?
&gt;&gt; With the BACKUP=3DNETFS, it is copied..
&gt; I think for OUTPUT=3DPXE, you should consider setting PXE_CONFIG_PATH =
&gt; menu and message) and PXE_TFTP_PATH (initrd, kernel).
&gt; At least this works for me, though I don't use DP.
&gt; Cheers,
&gt; Werner

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