[rear-users] ERROR: Could not copy files to usb location

Cal Sawyer cal-s at blue-bolt.com
Wed Jul 25 13:42:19 CEST 2012

Here's my USB local.conf for mkbackup use:


also edit /usr/share/rear/prep/USB/default/06_set_usb_device.sh (bug
report at https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/127)

and change:

    USB_PREFIX="rear/$(uname -n)/$(date +%Y%m%d.%H%M)"
     USB_PREFIX="$(uname -n)/$(date +%Y%m%d.%H%M)"

mkrescue may differ?

- cal sawyer

On 25/07/12 10:33, leiche im teich wrote:
> Hi,
> a first test of REAR get's me an error:
> ERROR: Could not copy files to usb location
> I use the latest git version 1.13.0 on an Ubuntu 12.04 64bit system.
> Here is my configuration:
> OUTPUT_URL=usb:///dev/disk/by-label/REAR-001
> NETFS_PREFIX="rear/$(uname -n)/$(date '+%Y.%m.%d_%H:%M:%S')"
> BACKUP_URL=usb:///dev/disk/by-label/REAR-001
> The disk was formatted by "rear format /dev/sdb" and then labelled
> with "e2label /dev/sdb REAR-001". This is, because i plan to use two
> disks with multiple backups.
> In the logfile i can see, that the USB disk was mounted. But the
> 20_make_prefix_dir.sh script was not running. So the target directory
> does not exists. Can anybody help me?
> Thanks
> Matthias

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