[rear-users] Restoring mdadm system to a single-disk destination fails

Cal Sawyer cal-s at blue-bolt.com
Tue Jul 24 16:02:55 CEST 2012

On 24/07/12 14:44, Dag Wieers wrote:


    PS If you are interested in what steps are executed after recovery,
    feel free to dig into the 'finalize' stage (usr/share/rear/finalize).

    Using 'rear -s recover' you can look what exact finalize scripts are
    being run on your system:

        [root at moria ~]# rear -s recover | grep finalize
        Source layout/prepare/default/55_finalize_script.sh
        Source finalize/default/01_prepare_checks.sh
        Source finalize/default/10_populate_dev.sh
        Source finalize/GNU/Linux/15_migrate_disk_devices_layout.sh
        Source finalize/GNU/Linux/15_migrate_uuid_tags.sh
        Source finalize/Fedora/i386/17_rebuild_initramfs.sh
        Source finalize/Linux-i386/21_install_grub.sh
        Source finalize/Linux-i386/22_install_grub2.sh
        Source finalize/GNU/Linux/30_create_mac_mapping.sh
        Source finalize/GNU/Linux/41_migrate_udev_rules.sh
        Source finalize/GNU/Linux/42_migrate_network_configuration_files.sh
        Source finalize/default/88_check_for_mount_by_id.sh
        Source finalize/default/89_finish_checks.sh
        Source finalize/default/90_remount_sync.sh

    As you can see from that, we already migrate devices, rebuild the
    ramdisk and reinstall the bootloader (in case it is GRUB or GRUB2)

How can one introduce a user-defined finalize script in the workflow?  I
think it would solve my fstab and grub modification needs for this
very-corner case.

Cal Sawyer | Systems Engineer
BlueBolt Ltd, London

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