[rear-users] Destination disk partitioning

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Jul 23 23:48:31 CEST 2012

On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, Cal Sawyer wrote:

> As i thought.  Why should the requirements of Mondo and/or your DR
> environment dictate how ReaR handles destination partition remapping?  I
> can see how adding LV on top of remapped partitions could really
> complicate things, but manually editing the diskrestore script isn't a
> bag of laughs either.

The reason we have a disklayout.conf is to avoid needing to edit the 
diskrestore.sh script. In the "old" Rear days there was only a generated 
script created at "mkrescue" time, which was hard to impossible to get 
it right from the first time when adapting during "recover" time.

Today we have a configuration written during "mkrescue" time that is 
converted to a script during "recover" time. With the added benefit of 
allowing to modify the configuration before initiating the recovery. And 
as a plus the recovery process does not end in limbo when a mistake is 
made, you can continue from where you left off!

Nothing is "dictating" how we designed this, but we sure designed it in a 
way that matches with our experiences and our own needs (keeping in mind 
the needs of existing and potential users). Even though it is not perfect 
and we know where we can improve Rear. (see issue-tracker)

> I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that partition remapping is
> seriously broken on at least a couple of fronts, which i'll post under
> new threads.

We are interested to learn new things and improve Rear. We accept ideas as 
well as patches. You may have noticed that we already have plenty ideas 
already in the issue-tracker, but we lack the actual pull-requests too ;-)

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