[rear-users] recover fails to start network for NFS recovery

Cal Sawyer cal-s at blue-bolt.com
Tue Jul 17 19:44:05 CEST 2012


Having successfully created an NFS archive, i copied the boot ISO to my
ESXi5 server and pointed a new VM's CDROM device at it.  Boots fine to
the ReaR menu, which asks to use the correct MACADDR:

1) eth4 00:0c:29:af:6b:de vmxnet3

(eth4? Have seen this with USB restores as well - typo/bug?)

but then fails to start the network which makes restore impossible.  The
vmxnet3 module is loaded and 70-persistent-net-rules correctly
identifies the VM's MACADDR for eth0 which correlates with the address
defined under /sys/class/net/eth0.  There is no ifcfg-eth0 (or any other
ifcfg-ethX for that matter).  Any troubleshooting advice would be much


- cal sawyer

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