[Rear-users] Github project created

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Sun Jan 29 22:21:15 CET 2012


I've registered the Rear-project on Github at:


We can use Github for almost everything Sourceforge.net is used, but it 
does not offer mailinglist functionality.

If we would move the website to Github too (at some point) there are at 
least 2 repositories we could create: source and rear-project.org or 

If we would move to Github for version control, it would be best to import 
the repository properly (matching contributors, keeping tags) and stop 
using sourceforge at the same time.

Known issues, new features and other tasks are easier to manage and 
structure on Github and from that moment we can start thinking about 
milestones and release-management.

Kind regards,
-- dag wieers, dag at wieers.com, http://dag.wieers.com/
-- dagit linux solutions, info at dagit.net, http://dagit.net/

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