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Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
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On Thursday, 26 January 2012, Domin, Pavol wrote:

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> > I am not convinced that it's a good practice to have individual
> customizations in
> > /usr/share/rear, ever. A company can do this as part of their own custom
> > package if this is required on all of their servers, but modifying
> individual
> > servers (or even packaging individual packages for
> > configuration) is not something I would advise.
> Agree. After first learning about ReaR, I was excited reading about
> 'pluggable' design: knowing that ReaR does not yet support multipathing. I
> was just keen to write my own plug-ins to extend the functionality for our
> linux layouts. I assumed, that writing user plugins mean, placing scripts
> into user configurable area (like /etc/rear/share/ tree) which is than
> built into actual workflow. Was slightly disillusioned later, learning,
> that adding plugins actually mean, patching the source rpm.

Why patch the source RPM? Why not create an addon RPM which installs into
the upstream ReaR RPM? That is the way I would do it... ReaR evolves slow
enough that this is quite safe provided you look at the changes for each
new version (or follow this mailing list and "trigger" a review whenever
you see a comit that might be relevant to your code).

> We indeed resolved this by using our own custom packaging.
> None-the-less, we are still excited about ReaR design and functionality,
> that is better than the solutions we used before (and we are really looking
> forward for the mainstream recover-on-multipath support).

That is good to hear :-)

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