[Rear-users] Hi to the ReaR community

Kai-Olaf Pieth pieth at dc-systeme.de
Wed Jan 25 23:04:38 CET 2012

Thanks for the welcome,

i am in my job since 2001. I browsed through that portal only for reading
interesting biographies. And there was one guy who claimed that he had to
use rear in a project because the customer wanted him to.

I think ReaR is a backup tool yet! And I like the idea of having features in
it that normally demand a backup solution like Data Protector or Arkeia. I
don’t want these solutions because they are NOT simple like a tar or rsync
is. You need to buy licenses, renew licenses, buy updates. Clean Up that
messed proprietary Database. Restart that annoying Backup Service because
he's dead again. Find someone that supports you when you have unexplained
weird error messages. Find somebody who also uses this commercial outdated
product you use.

OK, why don’t use backuppc or anything other piece of Open Source Software.
We have around 120 customers spread all over Germany. Each customer has one
Standalone-Linux-server (virtual or physical). I don’t want to backup 20
Servers that are on my site, so that is what backuppc is made for. There are
mainly 2 different constellations:

1. Most of them are HP-Server's with tape Drives that support the
"very-nice-to-have" OBDR-Functionality. Until now we burned
Static-Recovery-CDs for Recovery from tape and gave them to the customer.
But these are getting old over the years and the customers normally don’t
find them when needed or the customer is not there because it is after
midnight! But ReaR obsoletes that! OBDR is a pretty cool feature! We only
need one archive on the tape.

Because we don’t have a direct connection to these Servers the users have to
check if the backup was successful. Therefore I need a Success-Mail. Because
these users do not understand mails in English I need to have a template for
the text where I can write something like: "Sicherung erfolgreich" or
"Sicherung nicht erfolgreich! Rufen Sie den Support an unter
0800-Schiessmichtot". As admin I will then look into the log files to find
out what was going wrong.

2. Other customers have virtualized Linux-Servers that get backupped onto
NFS/Samba/RSync Remote storage and from there onto tapes (D2D2T). But that
tape backup is not our administrative territory. How to get a file back that
was deleted or corrupted more than one day ago? You have to find out who is
responsible for that and that guy don’t like you because he have to do a lot
of work to get a single file back to your hard disk. A solution to stay
independent is to have that WEEKDAY-rsync folders that don’t waste much more
That’s also important when you want to get rid of expensive tape-backups and
backup your Single-Server(see 1.) to an USB-harddisk. You don’t want to have
10 USB-Harddisk to get a rotating backup to work.

Here comes "Recover" into play. Does Relax and Recover only mean: Recover
that whole system? I think with some simple add-ons it can also simple and
fast recover only your shredded database directory. And you can relax
because you don’t have to know where your backup lies or read through the
rear-config how the mount command for the backup storage was. It's already
configured. Just type "rear recover /var/lib/mysql" or something like that
and get that files back to a temporary directory.

That are my ideas but I will have to investigate ReaR more.

What can I do in the "rear shell"?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Kai-Olaf Pieth

Informatik GmbH 

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