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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Wed Jan 25 13:07:59 CET 2012

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, Schlomo Schapiro wrote:

> On 25 January 2012 00:24, Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com> wrote:
>> And I know one could add a script somewhere in the workflow to basicly do
>> anything one desires, but we're discussing here a mechanism to be used on
>> a per-system basis, so something driven by /etc and not by
>> /usr/share/rear and a (default) package, right ?
> What prevents you from plugging extra scripts into ReaR on individual
> hosts? ReaR is meant to be open and modular, so why not make use of this?

You can ask the same question regarding the pre and post backup scripts. 
Why not have the user add their own scripts and leave it out of Rear ?

I am not convinced that it's a good practice to have individual 
customizations in /usr/share/rear, ever. A company can do this as part of 
their own custom package if this is required on all of their servers, but 
modifying individual servers (or even packaging individual packages for 
configuration) is not something I would advise.

Not only is it confusing to have individual files in a /usr directory, it 
makes it hard to troubleshoot different behaviour just because these files 
are under the normal radar. Same problem if you add them to per-host 
custom config package, it makes it harder to tell what's different.

>> My concern here is that if we introduce something now for the time being,
>> we will have to maintain compatibility at a later stage, while if we think
>> it through now, we may never need anything else, ever. (Wishful thinking
>> on my part ;-))
> I won't be afraid of imcompatible changes if they happen in a major
> release, IMHO that is one reason to bump the major release number.
> I think that if somebody needs pre/post backup scripts let them submit the
> patch for it and then we see again.

I don't mind patches at all. But Jeroen already proposed patches that 
fixes this requirement (and any future similar requirement) and only a few 
paragraphs ago you asked me what's wrong with plugging extra scripts into 

I guess we have to make up our minds to what the general direction will 

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