[Rear-users] Problem with SLES 10 recover on HP BL460C G6

danny.petterson at accenture.com danny.petterson at accenture.com
Wed Jan 4 23:24:10 CET 2012


Thanks for your mail.

Yep, bnx2x and bonding are both loaded. And I can see all interfaces and bonds using ip link or ip addr....

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Danny Petterson

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Hello Danny,

On 4 January 2012 16:25,  <danny.petterson at accenture.com> wrote:

> The “rear mkbackup” works fine – however, when I boot on the
> ISO-image, I get a ton of
> udevd-event[xxxx]: run_program: exec of program ‘/sbin/hwup’ failed
> ….and subsequently it can’t start the network and bonds (the ISO
> image/backup archive is on a NFS-share), with SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such
> device-errors.

I haven't encountered this problem before, but I guess it's either udev or kernel module related.

Can you see the NIC in /sys/class/net ?
Is the correct kernel module loaded? (lsmod) Does manually inserting the module allow you to configure the network using ip?



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