[rear-users] rear 1.14 git problems with SLES11 and HP cciss

Domin, Pavol pavol.domin at hp.com
Tue Dec 11 17:09:21 CET 2012


What we find a regular problem with the grub on sles11 is simply that /etc/grub.conf is “wrong” (from sles installer?): it just insists to load installer on first partition, (hd0,0) instead of on MBR (hd0).
After rear rebuilds smart array logical drive, MBR is lost, and as native ‘grub-install’ writes loader correctly on the wrong place, server won’t boot. The fix is to keep ‘/etc/grub.conf’ correct before backup is taken.. So not exactly rear issue here.


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On Tue, 11 Dec 2012 16:05:34 +0100, Jeroen Hoekx wrote:

> On 11 December 2012 15:45, Dag Wieers  wrote:



>> I see someone assigned me to this bug (I was not aware !). My fix would

>> be

>> what Jeroen suggested.


> Wasn't me :-)


>> Should we go and simply do it and then ask everyone with SLES+Grub

>> related

>> issues to try the latest master ?


> (I'm obviously in favor of doing that)


> Jeroen

The grub sometimes failed because of the UUID assigned to disks, and in the latest version on github we added some code to really use the new UUIDs if needed. That might help too.

On the other hand, for SLES11 I get reports of failures for grub, but also successes with it. I cannot pin-point the underlying issue...

Perhaps, we better remove the specific sles code for the moment as nobody seems to understand it anymore?

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