[Rear-users] converting ReaR ISO Files with isohybrid

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Wed Nov 30 16:21:08 CET 2011


On 30 November 2011 15:57, Joerg Schum <joerg.schum at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi @ all,
> i am planning to use ReaR in Production, since it was released in the
> Unfortunately SUSE has only the 1.9.X Version in SP1 and the 1.10.0 in
> SP2 coming in spring 2012.
> So they will not support the actual 1.11.X Version, with it is possible
> to create bootable USB Sticks. After many discussion with SUSE, i have
> got a very interesting option, i will tell you.

Thanks for letting us know!

> With isohybrid you can convert the "OUTPUT=ISO" image  to an image that
> can boot on CD and USB stick as well.
> to do this you have to do the following step:
> # /usr/bin/isohybrid /tmp/rear-<hostname>.iso
> you can the image now burn on a cd or write it to a USB Stick to boot
> from it.

That is really cool!

Question to all: Should we add this to ReaR so that it will always call
isohybrid (if available) on the ISO image? I gather that I does not hurt
the ISO booting but only adds support for image booting. Maybe others would
also like to choose the boot method later and not at image creation? Also,
ATM we don't support creating an image file for OUTPUT=USB because it is
meant to create a bootable stick which might also contain other boot images
from other ReaR instances on other servers.

Maybe we should rename OUTPUT=ISO to OUTPUT=IMAGE so that more people would
notice this (with backwards compatibility)?

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