[Rear-users] SF.net SVN: rear:[373] trunk/usr/share/rear/conf/default.conf

Stefan Semmelroggen stefan at semmelroggen.de
Wed Jun 22 10:42:31 CEST 2011

Hi Jeroen,

Am 22.06.2011 09:56, schrieb Jeroen Hoekx:
> It should not cause rear to fail. It's just a warning. If rear fails,
> the cause is probably something else?

my bad, sorry. You are right of course. ReaR did not fail. It was just a

> I think it's actually the most useful feature in ReaR for ordinary
> Linux users. I've used it quite a few times already as an easy way to
> fix my system after something I did broke it. Far easier than
> searching for a usb stick or a cd-rw with a live image on it...

Thats true, but I'm still not quite comfortable with ReaR changing the

The problem I see is that some distros keep all kernel versions and
don't only keep the latest two versions. Which means that the boot
partition grows over time. So if you use a minimal boot patition (like
on VMs where storage is expensive) with just enough space to accomodate
a couple of kernel updates, ReaR could fill up the remaining space with
just a single rescue image. This essentially prevents future kernel

This problem might not be very common, but still ...

Maybe you could add another warning if there is less space on /boot then
10 MB or something like that.

Stefan ...

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