[Rear-users] rear mkbackup on gnetoo fails

upen upendra.gandhi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 22:14:40 CEST 2011

Good afternoon.

Sorry I could not reply earlier. Thought I would give it another try
by installing gentoo on Virtualbox and test rear again and I did that
with success starting with  mkbackup till rear recover and that too
without doing any modifications.

I used amd64-2011 live dvd available on gentoo site to install OS on
an IDE drive. While doing installation gentoo recommends installing
dhcpcd packagefor a system in dhcp environment or installing other
dhcp client packages available in their portage, I decided against it
and didn't install any dhcp package. Later chose to install Grub for
this OS. When this install was booted, to my surprise init used udhcpc
command to get me DHCP ip from ther dhcp server.(ps -ef | grep dhcp
shows ---> /bin/busybox udhcpc --hostname=upen-gentoo11
--interface=eth0 --now --script=/lib64/rc/sh/udhcpc-hook.sh

Now it was time to run rear mkbackup. I used below local.conf

Ran 'rear mkbackup' which completed just fine. Then used a disk wipe
program to completely wipe the hard drive and confirmed system doesn't
boot at all(and not even loading grub :))

Then booted with rear-.iso to recover the system. It booted with
syslog-ng errors but no dhclient errors. After login found that ip was
correctly assigned from the dhcp server. So ran 'rear recover' and it
did its job to recover the system. I removed the iso and rebooted the
system to get my old gentoo back as it was before the disk wipe. Grub
also loaded fine.

I am currently looking for a reliable solution to backup my gentoo
that is running on physical system and I think going away from dhcpcd
and using udhcpc will at least assure me that there will be far better
chances of a successful recovery when it is time to do that.


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