[Rear-users] How to change the IP During the Rear recover mode?

upen upendra.gandhi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 23:23:24 CET 2011


> I have moved all backup to the recovery network and keeping nfs environment
> ( IP, mount point) same. But the problem is on my production environment
> physical system IP was I don’t have network on DR
> environment and want to change the recovery system IP to 10.0.1.XXX.
> When I tried to start the recovery process with “rear recover” command,
>  system came with old IP ( and can’t talk to the NFS server. Is
> there any way that we can change the IP at recovery time or any suggestion,
> document would be appreciated.

If you are trying to change address on the system to be recovered,
then you can try below commands.

ip addr del dev eth0
ip addr add <IP U WANT/MASKED BITS> dev eth0
ip addr show

See if this helps!


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