[Rear-users] How to change the IP During the Rear recover mode?

Siddique, Alhelal (Al) Alhelal.Siddique at ingrambook.com
Thu Dec 8 22:59:40 CET 2011


I was trying to recover one Physical system to an isolated DR environment as VM. I took the backup with "rear mkbackup" command, adding following parameter on /etc/rear/local.conf file



MODULES_LOAD=( vmxnet )

I have moved all backup to the recovery network and keeping nfs environment ( IP, mount point) same. But the problem is on my production environment physical system IP was I don't have network on DR environment and want to change the recovery system IP to 10.0.1.XXX.

When I tried to start the recovery process with "rear recover" command,  system came with old IP ( and can't talk to the NFS server. Is there any way that we can change the IP at recovery time or any suggestion, document would be appreciated.

Alhelal Siddique

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