[Rear-users] Have the "rear recover" log file at a save place

Ivan De Masi it-support at asta.tu-darmstadt.de
Fri Dec 2 12:54:25 CET 2011

Am 02.12.2011 12:05, schrieb Schlomo Schapiro:
> Hi,

> the rear recover log is found in /root on the recovered system.
> If you have a network store that you want to upload the log file to you
> can look at the post script feature POST_RECOVERY_SCRIPT which runs a
> script after recovery.

that would be a possible solution, but stored automaticlly when
BACKUP=NETFS is configured at this location where the image is would be

> You are right about another issue: If the recovery fails the log is
> stored only on the rescue media.
> We though that people use SSH to access the rescue system and then they
> also use SSH to pull the log file off the rescue system or do an scp to
> another host.
> Maybe we should look into sending the log file from failed recovery
> attempts via SMTP? Similar to the RESULT_MAILTO feature, maybe called
> FAILURE_MAILTO. SMTP is always available and usually does not require
> authentication.

This also would be a nice option!


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